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The Swan Garden Collection is based on the inspiration of the story of the black swan who wants to become a white swan, but with personal interpretation.


For hundreds of years swans were defined as white swans until discovered that a swan can also be black.

The black swan is a metaphor for unusual, unexpected and traumatic events that have a dramatic impact on our lives.


MonaLizabeth comes to turn the tide and present the swan's transformation in reverse, from white to black. All the exceptions that happen in our lives forge and strengthen us and make us the strongest.


The swan is a symbol of an erupting female power that does not let obstacles, traumatic events and social conventions stop it from growing into a strong swan that embraces two sides, the black and the white, the good and the bad, the fragile and the strong.

Next to the contrasting colors, black and white, shades of pink are added symbolizing innocence, childhood, and hope.


In MonaLizabeth's swan garden, the flower motif carries a beautiful yet spiky weight, is one of the brand's most prominent motifs and a symbol of bursting femininity, beauty, softness and strength.

The flower represents rebirth and the cycle of life just like the swan.


Along with the colorful things found in the collection, period inspirations from the 18th century are given with organic shapes, corsets, puffed sleeves, tailoring and unique couture handicrafts.


Swan Garden Collection