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Elizabeth, an illustrious international designer renowned for her extraordinary wedding, evening, and art dresses, has left an indelible mark across global fashion landscapes. Prior to establishing her bridal studio, she graced the stages of the world's fashion capitals - New York, Paris, and Milan - adorning celebrities and gracing the pages of premier fashion magazines. Her presence at New York, Paris, and Israeli fashion shows underscored her unparalleled influence and visionary creativity.


Elizabeth's journey as a designer unfolded amidst the lush creativity of Italy's INSTITUTO MARANGONI, where she immersed herself in the artistry of the Milan campus, complemented by her comprehensive studies in the realm of fashion business at the London campus. Her insatiable curiosity then led her back to her roots at Israel's SHENKAR College of Design, where she honed her craft in fashion design. Driven by an unrelenting passion for artistic exploration, she ventured further into the vibrant cultures of PARSONS The New School of Design, soaking in the rich influences of both the Paris and New York campuses.

Recognitions and Achievements:

Elizabeth's remarkable talent garnered significant acclaim, positioning her as a finalist in the revered CFDA competition in 2017 and the Swarovski Partnership competition in 2018. Her graduation with honors in fashion design marked the culmination of her academic journey. 


Soon after, she unveiled her debut collection to critical acclaim during New York Fashion Week, solidifying her reputation as an avant-garde couture virtuoso. Her affiliation with the esteemed Flying Solo's store in Soho further affirmed her position as a trailblazing force in the world of high fashion.

Design Philosophy:

Infused with a profound love for nature and a deep appreciation for the intricate tapestry of fashion history, Elizabeth's creations transcend conventional boundaries. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, her designs seamlessly blend timeless elegance with avant-garde sensibilities. Elizabeth's unique vision embodies the delicate interplay between ethereal grace and architectural precision, weaving a narrative that seamlessly fuses opulence, mystique, and contemporary allure, redefining the paradigm of high fashion sophistication.

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