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Innovative, extravagant , romantic, dreamlike, fantastic, upholding the power of emotions with a theatrical flair: these are all elements that are the core component of the MonaLizabeth's entire existence. MonaLizabeth is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. 

MonaLizabeth focuses on tailored and couture details,  contrasting elements: femininity and masculinity, fragility and strength, tradition and modernity with a sort of twisted romanticism.

Every piece created to make you think, evoking emotions and ask questions that enable to look deep within.  

MonaLizabeth is synonymous with modern story-telling couture, prominent for  strong identity and celebration of unrestrained creativity. MonaLizabeth's stories represent a passage to an unusual reality where real life rules become irrelevant, time and gravity disappear, other forces take control. The stories could take place where one may break the chains of society, outlive forbidden instincts and go completely out of one’s mind….

Part of MonaLizabeth's philosophy center on quality over quantity; We as a society and a culture should stop mass consumption; We would not be in a better world; In that way we will cherish the planet we live on and will have more value to the things we consume.

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