As in a dream with our eyes wide open, following a subtle central thread of a fragile, surreal romanticism, telling something without spoken words  through dimension of another reality to an unconscious mind I invite you to travel into to Another Wonderland.

Through the rabbit archetype and his symbolism, who is anything but a " fuzzy bunny" lightweight I invite you to fall into the new rabbit whole and discover Wonderland Gardens.

 In many myths and legends Rabbits act as guides between heaven, earth and the underworld.

The rabbit invites you to reborn and be part of all 3 dimensions- heaven, earth and underworld.

The Garden of Another Wonderland, is to attempt to describe the indescribable and to decipher the indecipherable—an exercise in madness. 

It seems to me that  God, having made the world and having conferred on man both the heavens and the underworld, but separately. Another wonderland's is creating a fundamental connection between these dimensions and the lesson is; If there is one dimension, seems to be that we can choose Dark and Bright together as a whole.