What is your daily routine?

I have a really unpredictable schedule since I don’t really have a 9 to 5 job and travel a lot when I’m working. But a typical day at home: Staying in bed with my wife and dogs as long as possible, then walking on the treadmill and calling to talk to family in Israel since they’re seven hours ahead. Some days I go to the gym too, and then hanging out on the couch with my wife and watching tv shows (she even got me addicted to The Bachelor with her!) and having dinner. I feel like I’m either on an airplane, or barely leaving the house since when I get to be at home, I like to enjoy every minute of it.


Choose 5 words which represents you as a man

Five words:

Persistent    Decisive    Hungry (most of the time, : ) )   Adventurous     Blunt


Most important things you look in the garments you wear:

Style, quality, fit, value


Choose:  Quantity or Quality?

Quality…I wear the same things over and over, so I’d rather have a few pieces I really love.

Describe one daily look and one evening look

Daily, I usually wear a simple V-neck black T-shirt, jeans, and boots with a necklace. American guys don’t wear much jewelry…guess it’s the European blood. My night look is usually the same, but dressed up with a thin jacket if I’m going out for dinner or a fitted overcoat in the winter. I love the look of a long, fitted overcoat.

Considering modernization and technology as comfort in our life, Do you think that there is an affect on men's character and behavior?

That’s a big question…I don’t think it’s possible not to have changed people’s behavior, both men and women. Twenty years ago, nobody could be texting during a date or build a whole relationship through texting someone instead of calling and spending time together. I’m a little old fashioned in that way. I value uninterrupted one on one time with friends and family, but I am very glad that technology exists since skyping with my family back in Israel and Italy helps us stay connected. When it comes to character, I feel technology can pose a problem…dating apps can give guys so many options that they’re less likely to commit and put effort into building something special as they always want to see what else is out there. It also makes it easier to connect with other people or even exes when you’re in a relationship, but in the end, character is much deeper so a good man is a good man and honorable no matter how many opportunities are available to be otherwise.


Vacation:  Nature or the big city?

Vacation: City, but preferably quaint village in Europe…best of both worlds.

Five favorite objects:

·       A ring from my mother who passed away three years ago

·       My wedding ring that belonged to my wife’s grandfather (her dad giving it to me when we got               married meant so much)

·       My passport! I love to travel, so it puts the world at my fingertips

·       My mom’s driver’s license…I’ve carried it in my wallet since she passed away so I can see her smiling         face every day

·       My phone…sounds awful, but my family is 5000 miles away, and I was used to spending a lot of             time with them, so it’s the way I get to stay connected to them.