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Entering the unknown

​The Russian kokoshnik styles varied greatly,  generally associated with a tall, nimbus or crest shaped headdress which is tied at the back of the head with long thick ribbons in a large bow or can continue into a veil or shawls with ribbons and bows flowing down over the neck and shoulders and usually decorated on the front.

Versions of it have become symbolic of Russian folk culture in general. 

The shape of the kokoshnik was a visual inspiration for the head pieces. I used the pointy shape in my own interpretation to create the millenary pieces. Silk ribbons were used to decorate freestyle. Hand embroidery and hand painted abstract Russian ornamental shapes were used as decorations as well.

The lace piece was inspired by the lace decorations of the original kokoshnik but the shape was a metaphore of the forest of the fairytale inviting the user to get in.


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Mixed media artwork