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The Forest is often seen as a symbol of the unconscious. It’s used as a metaphor for entering the unknown. Transformation is usually part of the story. The hero enters the forest and discovers something about himself.

Russian folk tales always go through the forest. Baba Yaga's hut is located in there and every character goes through it. The castle of Koschei is located far away and in order to get there you must go through the forest too.

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The luminescent forest is in some way an artistic expression for our deepest subconscious wishes. 

Maybe this is the important aspect of the archetype – the forest is the place where we can get lost, but not only in the depths of the own psyche but in a sense that we become aware that we don’t know a lot, that our very idea of reality could be shattered any time.

The colors, the textures and the atmosphere that it brings will be shown at the fabric choices, hand knitted patterns and symbols and prints.

The role of trees, animals and everything in nature in Slavic folklore reflects the position they played in the ancient cosmology. In order to respect old beliefs the outsourcing of the yarns is from an ethical source.


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