The simplest and most accessible ingredient for inner self are stories.

This collection is presenting an insight to my own Russian Fairytale, my Baba Yaga and my way the woods and through her hut showing a different perspective on a "witch" which usually criticized by society  and wrong categorized.

The witch, the wild nature, and whatever other "awful" names of the culture in one's psych are the very blessed things needed most to retrieve.




Photographer: Michael Linares

Makeup : Angie Valentino

Hair: Li Murillo

Location: Brooklyn Bazar, New York

Models: Nate Cullinera, Destan Gerhard, Christina Goursky, Allison Gibson, Lor Rose, Marisa Roper, Henri Brinton, Tassia Martin, Brace Sunshine, Caleb Golnzales, Elizabeth Hillmon

Music collaboration exclusive for this collection

Baba Yaga's Shadows - Rotem Taitle
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