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KIM ROSHAG, sweden

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine would be going to the gym and try at least make one human smile


Choose 5 words which represents you as a man

Five words:

determined, Loyal, warm, gentle, strong 


Most important things you look in the garments you wear:

A nice shirt with a good fit. You can always combine different kind of pants with a nice tee or shirt. 


Choose:  Quantity or Quality?

Quality is the most important, I like quality!


Describe one daily look and one evening look

 Daily outfit -jeans, tee and some nice boots. Evening look -more dapper look. Nice pants with a shirt or vest.


Five favorite objects:

1. My camera

2. My beardcomb

3. My clothes

4. My shoes 

5. Kind souls

Considering modernization and technology as comfort in our life, Do you think that there is an affect on men's character and behavior?

Really hard questions to answer because every man reacts differently on everything that's happening in our society. ​


Vacation:  Nature or the big city?

 It depends! Big city if I want shopping and nature to find calm! I love the sun