MonaLizabeth is synonymous with modern story-telling couture, prominent for  strong identity and celebration of unrestrained creativity.


Innovative, extravagant , romantic, dreamlike, fantastic, upholding the power of emotions with a theatrical flair: these are all elements that are the core component of the MonaLizabeth's entire existence. 

MonaLizabeth focuses on tailored and couture details,  contrasting elements: femininity and masculinity, fragility and strength, tradition and modernity with a sort of twisted romanticism.

Every piece created to make you think, evoking emotions and ask questions that enable to look deep within.  

MonaLizabeth's stories represent a passage to an unusual reality where real life rules become irrelevant, time and gravity disappear, other forces take control. 

The stories could take place where one may break the chains of society, outlive forbidden instincts and go completely out of one’s mind….

Part of MonaLizabeth's philosophy center on quality over quantity; We as a society and a culture should stop mass consumption; We would not be in a better world; In that way we will cherish the planet we live on and will have more value to the things we consume.



New York, presenting Man's collection portfolio in person to a CFDA Member Selection Committee in May,


New York, presenting Graduate collection portfolio at Swarovski New York office.



MonaLizabeth was founded by Elizabeth Brown, who is the designer and creative director of the brand.

Elizabeth was born in Russia and raised in Israel from her very early years in childhood.

"My vision is rooted in a reality that turns into a story, transformed into an artistic expression, a show, creation of a surprise.

Fashion for me is a visually expressed view of an imaginary world that becomes tangible” - Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth's professional journey as an artist and a designer starts in Italy at Instituto Marangoni Milano for fashion and Marangoni London for business of fashion.

After her experience in Milan she has returned to Israel and opened her own Brand and was selling in one of the most known designers boutiques in Israel named Razili. While designing for Razili she joined Shenkar college of Design for a bachelors degree in fashion and for her second year she transferred to continue her education and exploration of cultures  at PARSONS The new school of design combining both the Paris campus and New York.

Elizabeth graduated with HONOR's degree at fashion design.

All those cultures around the world are part of Elizabeth’s mixed design aesthetic.

Elizabeth was a finalist for her menswear collection in 2017 at the CFDA and on 2018 for Swarovski Partnership with her Fall Winter collection.

After a short time she joined to Flying solo NYC as a designer and since then she is presenting MonaLizabeth's collections on New York and Paris fashion weeks.

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